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Table 2 Key Themes

From: What's in a message? Delivering sexual health promotion to young people in Australia via text messaging

Message Style, Content & Delivery Impact of the Messages
Theme One: Style Theme One: Information
   • Humour and rhyming    • New and Specific Information
   • Variety    • Reminder
   • Message length Theme Two: Behaviour Change
   • Event tie in    • No direct effect
   • Sign off    • Perceptions of STI testing
Theme Two: Language    • Consider risk
   • Informal Theme Three: Spreading the Word
   • Positive    • When and Why
   • Indirect vs Direct    • Reactions
   • Fear Factor  
   • Use of statistics  
Theme Three: Content  
   • Repetition  
   • Relevance  
   • Ease of understanding  
   • Different  
Theme Four: Broadcast Schedule  
   • Message Timing  
   • Message Frequency