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Table 1 Schedule of guiding questions used in the focus groups

From: Improving the uptake of preconception care and periconceptional folate supplementation: what do women think?

1. What triggered your interest in this subject?
2. To date, what has been your experience with preconception care?
3a. What do you know about folate and pregnancy?
3b. What are neural tube defects e.g. spina bifida?
3c. Is dietary folate adequate in meeting women's needs for pregnancy?
3d. How much folate (mg) should women take and when should they take it to prevent neural tube defects?
4. What other health issues need to be addressed prior to pregnancy?
5. Where do you go to find out information about folate and preconception health care issues?
6. What issues prevent women from using folate supplements?
7. What would assist women to use folate prior to conception?
8. What is the role of a General Practitioner (GP) in preconception care?
9. Are GPs conducting preconception care at the moment?
10. How should GPs discuss preconception care issues with women?
11. What issues may exist for women from culturally and linguistically diverse groups?
12. What about women who are between pregnancies or who have previously had one or two children? Should anything different be offered to them?
13. Is there anything important that hasn't already been raised?