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Table 3 Estimated total annual costs and effects of cervical screening in Australia, excluding overheads (all costs in Australian dollars)

From: Cervical cancer screening in Australia: modelled evaluation of the impact of changing the recommended interval from two to three years

  Annual costs to health care system Direct cytology cost component Discounted lifetime cost
(5% discount rate)
Discounted life-years
(5% discount rate)
Cost-effectiveness ratio compared to no intervention
No intervention $34.7M* - $52.1* 18.8619 -
Current practice,
2-yearly recommendation
$166.7M $37.4 M (22%) $416.7 18.8723 $35,000/LYS
Continue reminder system,
3-yearly recommendation
$156.7M $34.4 M (22%) $396.4 18.8723 $33,000/LYS
3-yearly recommendation
$148.8M $32.3 (22%) $373.8 18.8723 $31,000/LYS
  1. *Estimated cost of cervical cancer treatment in an unscreened population