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Table 4 Perceptions toward treatment

From: TB treatment initiation and adherence in a South African community influenced more by perceptions than by knowledge of tuberculosis

TB treatment items   Frequency Percent
Most important reason why some people delay going to the clinic They are afraid they will be told they are HIV positive 640 63.0
  They are afraid that people will talk about their visit to the clinic 124 12.2
  They don't want to cough into the specimen bottle 64 6.3
  They are afraid that TB treatment will interfere with their social lives 64 6.3
  There are long queues at the clinics 40 3.9
  They are afraid they will lose their job/income 35 3.4
  They are afraid that TB treatment will be unpleasant and difficult 29 2.9
  They first wish to consult a traditional healer 20 2.0
  Total 1016 100
Location where most TB patients prefer to take their daily treatment In the TB hospital where the nurses care of them 400 39.4
  In the clinic - they visit the clinic every morning to take their medicine 339 33.4
  At home and a DOTS volunteer visits them every day to bring the medicine 167 16.5
  At home/work and a family collects their medicine for them 108 10.7
  Total 1014 100