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Table 1 Interview outline

From: Doing masculinity, not doing health? a qualitative study among dutch male employees about health beliefs and workplace physical activity

Interviewee characteristics Name/age/marital status/children/ethnicity
Sexual orientation (not brought up straightforwardly; discuss at the right time. Depends upon the interviewee and may thus be discussed by the end of the interview. Interviewees are not pushed to answer)
Participation in workplace physical activity?
Company Core business of the company
How large is the organization
Health and lifestyle interventions offered?
Can you describe your job? Responsibilities/tasks
How would you describe your health? Ideal health situation
Health beliefs and behaviour
Comparing eating habits to your ideal
What is healthy exercising to you and how often should that be?
Exercise and how often
Smoke and how much
Do you experience disadvantages of smoking
Desire to quit/Reasons to quit
Paying attention to health during leisure time, why (not)?
Often excessive drinking is defined as drinking 6 glasses or more by occasion. What do you think about this definition?
Does it apply to you?
Introduction about typical examples of masculinity in every day live. Examples about work, friends and sports like soccer. What is your image of the ideal man?
What do you consider masculine and what not?
What, according to you, are positive and negative aspects of masculine behaviour?
When looking at your everyday life, does masculinity play a role in your: Home situation
Circle of friends
Work situation
Health beliefs and behaviour like eating habits, exercise, smoking, drinking and leisure time
What do you think about workplace physical activity? Own possibilities for workplace physical activity
Why does employer offer it
Which factors determine (non-)participation