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Table 1 Definition and distribution of different disability types in the FHI

From: Examining the types and payments of the disabilities of the insurants in the national farmers' health insurance program in Taiwan

Disability type Disability Examination %
1. Mental and neurological disability The mental disability must be assessed in light of the Mini-Mental Status Examination (MMSE) or Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) and issued by a psychiatrist. Neurological disability includes "dysfunction of balance and audio", epilepsy, headache, or "vertigo and balance" and so forth. Such disability must be issued by a specialist of the neurology, neurosurgery or rehabilitation departments. 17.5
2. Eyes Eye disability includes eyesight, visual field, eyeball's regulating or moving, eyelid's defect, and movement disability. 45.5
3. Ear Ear disability includes hearing disability of the inner and middle ear, auricle's defect disability. 1.7
4. Nose Defect and functional disability of the nose. 0.1
5. Mouth Mouth disability includes mastication, deglutition and speaking disability, and teeth disability. 1.4
6. Viscera in chest and abdomen Viscera disability includes full or partial functionality damage to the thoracic, abdominal, urogenital viscera, and reproductive organs. The viscera disability cannot be judged until six months after medical treatment or the last surgery. 21.5
7. Trunk Trunk disability includes rachis deformity or moving disability, and other trunk-bone deformity, such as breastbone, rib or blade bone. 9.5
8. Head- face- and neck Head- face- and neck disability indicates ugly shape of the head, face and neck. For example, those who are damaged and left with obvious disfigurement on head or face. 0.6
9. Upper limbs Upper limb disability includes upper limbs' or fingers' defective or functional disability, and deformity of homeruns or cubism. 0.5
10. Lower limbs Lower limb disability includes lower limbs' or toes' defective or functional disability, shortening disability, and deformity of femur or tibia. 1.8
  1. In total, 127,973 receipts of the disability payment from the FHI were included.