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Table 9 Use of unboiled bowser water during the first three stages.

From: Communication, perception and behaviour during a natural disaster involving a 'Do Not Drink' and a subsequent 'Boil Water' notice: a postal questionnaire study

Use of unboiled bowser water n/Na %
prepare/cook food withb 16/72 22.2
brush teethb 11/47 23.4
drink coldb 5/50 10.0
drink hotb 5/31 16.1
  1. a The number of participants who said they used unboiled bowser water (n) out of the number of participants who used boiled and/or unboiled bowser water (N). In total, 77 participants used bowser water for some purpose, but not all of them replied to each bowser water question.
  2. b Action not safe.