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Table 3 Theme 'Antibiotic management contributing to the development and spread of resistance'

From: Antibiotic use, resistance development and environmental factors: a qualitative study among healthcare professionals in Orissa, India

  Antibiotic management contributing to the development and spread of resistance
Categories Antibiotics use and factors influencing prescribing Health systems and policy factors influencing resistance
Sub-categories Humans Animals Patients Health systems and professionals Policy and regulatory issues
Codes Broad and narrow spectrum
"Higher" antibiotics
High loads of patients
Prior prescribers
Unqualified medical providers
Influence of pharmacy company
Therapeutic uses
Prophylactic uses
Antibiotics as growth promoter
Uses in poultry
Uses in dairy farming
Lack of awareness
Inadequate prescription
Irrational use
Improper diagnosis
Lack of infrastructure
Fake and Low-quality medicine
Without prescription
Weak implementations of policy