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Table 3 Interventions and related health events summary costs

From: Estimation of the burden of cardiovascular disease attributable to modifiable risk factors and cost-effectiveness analysis of preventative interventions to reduce this burden in Argentina

Event cost per hospital admission 2007 I$
Coronary Heart Disease 4,245.39
Stroke 3,455.48
Population-based interventions  
Mass Media Campaign promote tobacco cessation* 3,164,785.75
Reducing salt in bread 193,576.23
Individual interventions (yearly cost per person‡)  
Pharmacological high blood pressure treatment 49.72
Pharmacological high cholesterol treatment 118.79
Bupropion treatment for tobacco cessation 117,15
Modified Polypill strategy 103.46
  1. I$: international dollars. PPP conversion rate (2007) 1.55 Argentinean peso = 1 I$,
  2. * Ten years duration of campaign, with discounting (3% annual rate).
  3. † Assuming 54 meeting of 30 bakers each (around 800-600 bakers), with discounting (3% annual rate).
  4. ‡ Includes health center visits, drug and lab test costs. Programmatic costs were not included (I$ 1,194,067.52).
  5. Note: Cost of blood pressure lowering drugs, atorvastatin and bupropion as well as other input costs and charges data were extracted from local sources [6567]. Other cost data were obtained from the Health Care Costs Database by the Institute of Clinical Effectiveness and Health Policy [62].