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Table 2 Odds ratios (OR), with 95% confidence interval (CI) for return to gainful occupation two year after stroke

From: Study protocol to a nationwide prospective cohort study on return to gainful occupation after stroke in Denmark 1996 - 2006

Parameter Level N OR 95% CI
Gender (P = xxx) Men   1.00 -
Age (P = xxx) <50 years   1.00 -
  50 - 57 years    
Diagnosis (P = xxx) Subarachnoid haemorrhage    
  Intracerebral haemorrhage    
  Cerebral infarction   1.00 -
  Stroke, not specified as haemorrhage or infarction    
Self-employment (P = xxx) No   1.00 -
Occupational class (P = xxx) Legislators, senior officials and managers    
  Technicians and associate professionals    
  Workers in occupations that require skills at a basic level    
  Workers in elementary occupations   1.00 -
  Gainfully occupied people NOS    
Municipality type (P = xxx) Municipality without brain injury centre   1.00 -
  Municipality with brain injury centre