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Table 3 Primary questions in prevalence and longitudinal student surveys and the timing and frequency of follow-ups for the longitudinal surveys

From: A longitudinal study of tobacco use among American Indian and Alaska Native tribal college students

Student Surveys Baseline Survey
Follow-up Surveys
Demographic (age, gender, parental education, year in school, etc) X  
Environmental factors
   Household structure X X
   Social support X X
   Exposure to other smokers X X
   Exposure to tobacco marketing X X
Psychosocial factors
   Depressive symptoms X X
Personal factors
   Academic achievement X X
   Rebelliousness X X
   Social participation X X
Ethnic Identity (American Indian/Alaska Native) X X
Smoking behavior
   Ceremonial/Non-ceremonial uses of tobacco X X
   Type of cigarettes (menthol vs. non-menthol)   
   Smoking history/current smoking status X X
   Susceptibility to smoking status X X
   Smoking Dependence Scale X X
   Cigarettes per day, duration of smoking   
   Quit attempts/quitting history X X
Other factors
   Other forms of tobacco use (smoking) X X
   Alcohol intake (amount, binge drinking, etc) X X
   Tobacco policy/rule in dormitory/living place X X
Nicotine metabolism   
   Saliva samples (sub-sample of current users) X X