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Table 2 Implementation plan

From: A longitudinal study of tobacco use among American Indian and Alaska Native tribal college students

Stage 1: Development and Training Hiring of staff, training for staff, establish CAB, develop and refine web-survey, pilot test web-survey, recruit participants for first cohort of freshman, conduct baseline surveys, conduct focus groups Year 1
Stage 2: Longitudinal Surveys of Consecutive Freshman Cohorts and Follow-up surveys Recruitment of students, conduct baseline surveys in fall and follow-ups in spring and fall, conduct focus groups (Year 2), collect saliva samples from current users Years 2 - 5
Stage 3: Data Analysis and Dissemination Continue recruitment and follow-up surveys, and focus groups, continue data analysis and management, Year 4
  Presentations at professional conferences, preparation of manuscripts, preparation of intervention grant for smoking among tribal college students Year 5