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Table 5 Logistics management and the quality of monitoring systems in health facilities (n = 20)

From: Are we doing enough? Evaluation of the Polio Eradication Initiative in a district of Pakistan's Punjab province: a LQAS study

Characteristics n Weighted %
Logistics management   
Sufficient OPV stock not close to or past expiry date during past month 20 95
Refrigerator functional and used for vaccine storage at health facility 11 65
Refrigerator temperature record up-to-date and in correct range (0-8°C) 14 80
OPV storage in correct part of refrigerator 15 85
Availability of frozen icepacks 12 70
Availability and maintenance of cold box/vaccine carriers 6 45
Availability of power generator 2 25
Availability and use of safety boxes at all vaccination sites 7 50
Functional vehicle for vaccinator 20 95
Quality of monitoring systems   
Visit of health facility by district managers in past three months and presence of their inspection notes 19 95
Availability and maintenance of EPI registers on desk 11 65
Up-to-date vaccine ledger for OPV 8 55
Availability of monthly facility staff meeting minutes held in past three months 3 30
Display of graphs/charts depicting health facility's PEI performance over time 12 70
Data accuracy (number of children receiving OPV III on EPI register vs. monthly EPI report matched) 12 70