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Table 1 Written feed-back on weekly attainment of walking achievements

From: "Step by Step". A feasibility study of a lunchtime walking intervention designed to increase walking, improve mental well-being and work performance in sedentary employees: Rationale and study design

Am I on track?
Total steps Hours walked (per week)  
>10,000-12,500 2.5 Excellent! Keep up the good work
>7,000-10,000 2.0 Well done! If you try to accumulate 30 more minutes per week, you will achieve the goals for health
5,000-7,000 1.0- < 2.0 You're off to a good start! Try to schedule regular walk times during your lunch hour and week-ends.
<5,000 <1.0 Don't give up! We understand it is difficult fitting in regular walks into your lifestyle. If you feel you need extra support, we are here to help. Please contact us.