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Table 1 Proxy survey measures relating to guidance on alcohol consumption by children

From: A cross-sectional survey of compliance with national guidance for alcohol consumption by children: measuring risk factors, protective factors and social norms for excessive and unsupervised drinking

CMO Guidance Proxy measure assessed Short description
Drink at all Ever drink alcohol Drink
Unsupervised drinking or drinking without parental guidance Drink at home or at friend's home when parents are out$ Unsupervised inside
  Drink outside in shops, parks and streets$ Unsupervised outside
  Buy own alcohol Self-purchase
  Take alcohol from parents without permission Take from parents
  Ask adults outside shops to buy them alcohol Proxy purchase
Excessive drinking Reported drinking frequency >1 session/week Frequent drinking
  ≥5 drinks/session (bingeing) ≥1 per month Heavy drinking
  1. $Questions asked where individuals mostly drink. Respondents could tick multiple answers.