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Table 2 Relative risk of playground injury as school SES decreases, prior to and subsequent to equipment replacement (Poisson regression)

From: Safety standards and socioeconomic disparities in school playground injuries: a retrospective cohort study

  Prior to replacement (RR*, 95% CI) Subsequent to replacement
(RR, 95% CI)
All Outdoor Injuries 1.65 (1.50-1.82) 2.07 (1.91-2.24)
Non-equipment injuries 1.68 (1.50-1.89) 2.41 (2.20-2.64)
Equipment-related injuries 1.52 (1.24-1.86) 1.13 (0.95-1.32)
  1. * interpretation of the relative risk: With each unit decrease in school SES as measured by the Learning Opportunities Index, the relative risk of injury increases. For equipment related injuries prior to replacement, the relative risk increases 1.52 times with each unit decrease in school SES.