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Table 2 Examples of pandemic measures with legal underpinning.

From: Pandemic influenza control in Europe and the constraints resulting from incoherent public health laws

Measures Out of 23 states
Reporting duties in relation to communicable disease 23
Reporting duties specific to human influenza 15
Compulsory screening 13
Compulsory isolation 17*
Compulsory quarantine 12*
Compulsory vaccination 9
Compulsory treatment 17
Provision of healthcare to an EU national resident in their state 18
Provision of healthcare to a visitor from an EU member state 18
Provision of healthcare to a visitor from outside Europe 16
Requisition of persons 16
Authorise unlicensed staff to be requisitioned to perform medical acts in a pandemic 7
Obligation of a worker to work in a pandemic 7
Requisition of premises 16
Requisition of goods 14
Compensation authorised for requisition of premises 10
School closures 20
Prohibition of mass gatherings 20
  1. *This figure includes those states that intend to use this measure for 'listed' diseases. Even where influenza is currently not in the 'listed' category, the process of listing is simple and the intention is for the power to apply to pandemic influenza, once listed.