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Table 1 List of selected public health interventions linked to WHO pre-pandemic and pandemic phases

From: Pandemic influenza control in Europe and the constraints resulting from incoherent public health laws

Pre-pandemic stage (Phases 4 and 5) Pandemic stage (Phase 6)
Screening and medical examination Obligation to provide healthcare
Isolation and quarantine Prioritisation of healthcare
Compensation Personal protective equipment
Vaccination and prophylaxis Distancing measures
Treatment and decontamination Closures, isolation and evacuation of facilities
Restrictions of contacts Restrictions of movements
Compulsory measures (within the country and in relation to persons in transit) Vaccines
Criminal offences Requisition of persons, premises and goods
Obligation to provide healthcare to persons in transit Other staff issues
Obligation of conveyance operators and airport authorities Burial of deceased persons
Border closure Prisons
Repatriation Communication