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Table 1 Primary, secondary and additional outcome measures

From: The reduction of disability in community-dwelling frail older people: design of a two-arm cluster randomized controlled trial

Variables Instrument No. of items Range* B FU1 FU2 FU3
Primary outcome measure
Disability GARS [34] 18 18-72 TI TI TI TI
Secondary outcome measures
Cognitive impairment TICS [40] 11 0-41 TI TI TI TI
Symptoms of depression HADS [35] 7 0-21 TI TI TI TI
Social participation MSSP [38] 10 0-90 TI TI TI TI
Social support interactions SSL12-I [36] 12 12-48 PQ PQ PQ PQ
Fear of falling Short FES-I [37] 7 7-28 TI TI TI TI
No. of falls in the previous 6 months [19] N/A 1 N/A TI TI TI TI
Consultation with physician due to fall N/A 1 N/A TI TI TI TI
Feelings of loneliness [19] N/A 1 N/A PQ PQ PQ PQ
Mortality N/A N/A N/A R R R R
Additional measures
Vision/hearing capacity OECD-long-term disability indicator [41] 4 4-16 TI TI TI TI
Mastery Mastery scale [43] 7 7-35 TI TI TI TI
Healthcare utilization N/A N/A N/A R R R R
  1. *The underlined scores indicate the most favourable scores; N/A = not applicable B = baseline; FU1 = 6-month follow-up; FU2 = 12-month follow-up; FU3 = 24-month follow-up; TI = telephone interview, PQ = postal questionnaire; R = registries of health insurance/GP/hospital