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Table 2 Overview of four-step qualitative analytic process

From: Cognitive testing of physical activity and acculturation questions in recent and long-term Latino immigrants

Step Analytic methods Analytic products Goal
Step 1 Qualitative data reduction Review audiotaped interviews and summarize key findings by item, separately for each cognitive interview respondent Interpret interview results and document evidence of problems or issues in each interview
Step 2 Problem identification and classification Identify problems: For each interview, identify items with evident problems or issues Determine items with issues to be coded, separately for each pretest interview
   Classify general types of problems or issues observed for each item in each interview Characterize general types of problems evident within individual interviews
Step 3 Item-level synthesis Catalog problems and issues observed across interviews Determine items with consistent problems or issues and document types of problems and issues observed consistently, by item
Step 4 Residence and topic area comparisons Compare counts of problem items and problem types by residence time and question topic area Assess whether types of problems observed differed depending on residence time or question topic