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Table 2 Matrix of change objectives: an example for selected determinants of the sub-behaviour sports

From: Systematic Development of the YouRAction program, a computer-tailored Physical Activity promotion intervention for Dutch adolescents, targeting personal motivations and environmental opportunities

Performance objective Attitude Subjective norm Self-efficacy/Perceived behavioural control Awareness Perceived environment
Adolescents decide to increase sports participation (PO2A) Adolescents feel sports is enjoyable Adolescents comply with the norm to engage in sports on a regular base Adolescents identify difficult situations which may prevent them from participating in sports Adolescents monitor their current sports behaviour Adolescents know where facilities to engage in the sports they want to are in their neighbourhood
  Adolescents see the health benefits of engaging in sports   Adolescents are confident that they can cope with barriers Adolescents compare their sports behaviour with the fitness norm  
     Adolescents compare their sports behaviour with peers