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Table 1 Performance objectives per "self-regulation" phase

From: Systematic Development of the YouRAction program, a computer-tailored Physical Activity promotion intervention for Dutch adolescents, targeting personal motivations and environmental opportunities

Self-regulation phase Performance objectives
Monitoring Adolescents monitor current state of PA (PO1a)
  Adolescents identify sub-behaviours which can be improved (PO1b)
Motivational phase Adolescents decide to increase PA (PO2a)
  Adolescents select a PA activity that fits with their personal preference (PO2b)
  Adolescents are decide to increase the PA activity of personal preference (PO2c)
Goal setting Adolescents set challenging, but feasible PA goal (PO3a)
  Adolescents create an action plan to achieve PA goal (PO3b)
Active goal pursuit Adolescents engage in activities to accomplish PA goal (PO4a)
Evaluation Adolescents monitor their achievements (PO5a)
  Adolescents decide, based on their achievements, to proceed pursuing their goal or state a new goal (PO5b)
  Adolescents make a long-term planning (PO5c)
  1. PO = performance objective