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Table 1 Outline of FRIENDS for life program

From: The Eat Smart Study: A randomised controlled trial of a reduced carbohydrate versus a low fat diet for weight loss in obese adolescents

Session Content Covered
Week 1 Introduction to FRIENDS; getting to know you games; group guidelines/expectations; personal goals
Week 2 Warm up activity; personal goals; what are my strengths?; self esteem; friendships; verbal and non-verbal communication
Week 3 Warm up activity; feelings; relaxation techniques (abdominal breathing, relaxing imagery, muscle relaxation); self-awareness and mindfulness exercises (body clues)
Week 4 Warm up activity; red and green (unhelpful and helpful) thinking; problem solving and step planning; support teams; role models
Week 5 Warm up activity; communication and conflict styles (assertive, passive or aggressive); managing bullying
Week 6 Warm up game; review of FRIENDS; test your knowledge games/quizzes; break up party and certificate presentation from facilitators