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Table 3 Smoking at home and infant cotinine-to-creatinine ratio

From: A descriptive analysis of relations between parents' self-reported smoking behavior and infants' daily exposure to environmental tobacco smoke

  Cotinine-to-creatinine ratio (μg/mmol) with log e transformation
  B SE z p> |z| 95% CI
Household smoking       
   Smoking outside the home Ref.      
   Smoking inside the home 1.23 0.41 3.00 < .01 .43 2.04
Number of smokers living in home       
   One smoker Ref.      
   Two smokers .33 0.44 0.75 .46 -.54 1.20
Cpd smoked in the presence of the infant .02 0.05 0.43 .67 -.08 .13
Time infants spend in rooms in which smoking occurs (minutes) .00 0.00 0.96 .34 -.00 .01
  1. Generalized estimation equation models predict the infant's cotinine-to-creatinine ratio (CCR), taking into account cluster correlation within subjects across study days. Models are based on an exchangeable correlation structure for repeated observations within subjects. Predictor variables were adjusted for study day