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Table 1 Measurements included in the DiaDDZoB Study

From: Psychological risk factors of micro- and macrovascular outcomes in primary care patients with type 2 diabetes: rationale and design of the DiaDDZoB Study

Variable Categories Measurement occasion
Demographic factors   
   Age   M0
   Gender Male, female M0
   Ethnicity Dutch, other Caucasian (white Western) groups,
other (Asian, black, Turkish/Moroccan)
   Marital status Married/living together, single, LAT relationship, divorced/
separated, widowed
M0, M1, M2
   Living situation Independent, residing with family/friends, residing in
a nursing home
M0, M1, M2
   Employment status Paid employment, unemployed, disabled, no paid
employment, retired
M0, M1, M2
   Education level Primary school, primary vocational education, secondary
school, secondary vocational education, higher vocational
education, university
Medical history   
   Disease duration Months/years since diabetes diagnosis M0, M1
   Medical history M0: lifetime history:
arterial disease, bypass/angioplasty, myocardial
infarction, stroke, angina pectoris, high cholesterol, kidney
disease, asthma/COPD, cancer,
rheumatic disorder, depression, burn-out
M1 and M2: during last 12 months:
arterial disease, bypass/angioplasty, myocardial
infarction, stroke, angina pectoris, high cholesterol,
asthma/COPD, osteoporosis, depression, kidney disease
M0, M1, M2
   Current hyperglycemia treatment modality None, diet, diet/oral agents, diet/
insulin, diet/oral agents/insulin, other
M0, M1, M2
   Medication use ACE inhibitors, β-blockers, calcium
antagonists, diuretics, other
antihypertensive agents, statins
M0, M1, M2
Laboratory tests   
   HbA1c   M0, M1, M2
   Fasting glucose   M0, M1, M2
   Cholesterol Total cholesterol M0, M1, M2
  LDL-cholesterol M0, M1, M2
  HDL-cholesterol M0, M1, M2
  Triglycerides M0, M1, M2
   Protein levels Albumin M0, M1, M2
  Creatinin M0, M1, M2
  Albumin-to-creatinin ratio M0, M1, M2
  MDRD clearance M1, M2
Physical examination   
   Length Length in metres M0, M1, M2
   Weight Weight in kilograms M0, M1, M2
   Body Mass Index (BMI) Weight in kilograms/(length in metres)2  
   Blood pressure Systolic M0, M1, M2
  Diastolic M0, M1, M2
   Fundus photography Unassessable, normal, retinopathy M0, M1, M2
   Foot examination M0: Normal, abnormal
M1 and M2: Normal, neuropathy, ischemia, wound/ulcer,
excessive coldness
M0, M1, M2
Lifestyle indicators   
   Smoking behavior Current smoking: yes/no, number of cigarettes per day M0, M1, M2
  Additional for M0: smoking history  
   Alcohol consumption Current alcohol consumption: yes/no, number of
consumptions per week
M0, M1, M2
  Additional for M0: history of alcohol consumption  
   Physical activity Hours per week of active physical activity M0, M1, M2
  Hours per week of sportive physical activity M0, M1, M2
Psychological factors   
   Depressive symptoms Edinburgh Depression Scale (EDS) M0, M1, M2
   Type D personality Type D Scale-14 (DS14) M1, M2
   Social support O'Hara's modified Social Support Scale M0, M1, M2
   Loneliness Single item concerning feelings of loneliness in
the past 12 months
M0, M1, M2
   Stressful life events Single item concerning stressful life event(s) in
the past 12 months
M0, M1, M2