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Table 2 Concepts, categories and emerging themes in this study.

From: Gender-related factors influencing tuberculosis control in shantytowns: a qualitative study

Concepts Categories Emerging Themes
Gender roles in the family and their impact on women's health  
Stereotyped roles
Gender prejudice
Cultural and social norms
1. Gender roles (a) Gender roles
Men's health is a greater priority
Children are a priority
Self sacrifice
2. Low priority of women's health (b) Low prioritization of women's health
Limited work opportunities for women
Women are not financially independent
3. Low investment in women's health and nutrition (c) Poverty
Gender-related factors influencing tuberculosis access and care (d) Service provision and DOTS
Health beliefs
Acceptance of illness
4. Awareness of tuberculosis related healthcare services (e) Tuberculosis-related stigma
Knowledge of services
Women involvement in community activities
Limited economic resources
TB care is free
5. Tuberculosis test-seeking behaviour  
DOTS and childcare
DOTS and employment
Inflexible health establishment opening hours
6. Tuberculosis treatment experiences  
Tuberculosis sufferers are perceived negatively in the community
Concealment of diagnosis
Lack of support
Physical appearance
7. Tuberculosis-related stigma  
Healthcare workers attitude
Service is non-discriminatory
Lack of structural amenities
DOTS is insensitive
8. Perceptions of tuberculosis services and personnel