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Table 1 Outcome measures and testing methods used

From: The effect of gold kiwifruit consumed with an iron fortified breakfast cereal meal on iron status in women with low iron stores: A 16 week randomised controlled intervention study

Anthropometric and clinical assessments  
Height, weight, waist and hip circumference (baseline and end) ISAK anthropometry protocol, electronic scales, stadiometer, Lufkin tape
Face to face interview (baseline) Demographics, medical history, supplement use
Physical activity (baseline and end) New Zealand Physical Activity Questionnaire Short Form (NZPAQ-SF) [26]
Dietary intake (baseline and end) FFQ (iron containing foods, foods known to affect iron absorption)
Blood loss (baseline and end) Adapted blood loss questionnaire [28]
Evaluation (end) 9 point hedonic scales to determine overall acceptability, appearance, flavour and texture [30]; 5 point just right scale regarding amounts of food [30]; food action rating scale (FACT) [31]; compliance diary