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Figure 5

From: Estimating the magnitude and direction of bias in tuberculosis drug resistance surveys conducted only in the public sector: a simulation study

Figure 5

Comparing estimated resistance in new cases in surveys from public sector only and surveys from public and private sectors. Estimates (solid colored lines) and variances (dotted lines) for new cases based on public sector only data (red) and public and private sector data (green), assuming different fractions (k FN) of new cases seek care in the public sector, of which 10% have MDR TB. The thick black line represents the actual underlying proportion of drug resistance among new cases. The top panels (a1-a4) shows Case 1 (described in the text) where 50 additional samples from the private sector are used to create an improved estimate, the bottom panels (b1-b4) shows Case 2 where the total sample is evenly split between public and private sectors.

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