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Table 2 Preventive health care delivered and actions to control high blood pressure among Italian adults

From: The quality of preventive health care delivered to adults: results from a cross-sectional study in Southern Italy

Preventive Indicators Eligible
  Subjects Percent*
Screening and counseling on health habits    
Having received screening for drinking problems all subjects 1467 16
Having been asked about drug abuse history all subjects § 1467 6.6
Having received smoking cessation counseling visit within 3 months all smokers identified as attempting to quit 68 19.1
Having received smoking cessation pharmacoterapy all smokers attempting to quit who smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day 68 11.8
Having been asked about sexual activity history all subjects # 1467 9.7
Physical examination    
Having received blood pressure control at least once each year all non hypertensive subjects 972 64.4
Having received evaluation of hearing difficulties at least every 2 years subjects aged 65 and over 428 31.3
Cancer screening services    
Having received cervical cancer screening through PAP smear within the past 3 years all sexually active women having an intact uterus 733 52.4
Having received PAP smear or colposcopy in low grade lesion within 6 months of the initial PAP smear women having a PAP smear that shows a low grade lesion 2 50
Having received breast cancer screening through mammography in the past 2 years women aged 50 to 70 297 51.5
Having been offered colorectal cancer screening tests (fecal occult blood test once each year or double contrast barium enema every 5 years or sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy every 10 years) subjects aged 50 to 80 740 21.3
Having received colorectal cancer screening with sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy within in the past 10 years subjects aged 50 to 80 740 14.2
Adult immunization    
Having been offered influenza vaccination annually subjects aged 65 and over 428 90.2
  patients with specific conditions at risk 166 64.5
Having ever been offered pneumococcal vaccination subjects aged 65 and over 428 26.2
  patients with specific conditions at risk 166 19.3
The advice of doctor or other health professional to help lower or control high blood pressure   
   Having received advice to Change eating habits hypertensive subjects 495 84
   Having received advice to Reduce salt use hypertensive subjects 495 89.5
   Having received advice to Increase physical activity hypertensive subjects 495 83.4
   Having received advice to Reduce alcohol use hypertensive subjects 495 73.9
   Having received advice to Medication hypertensive subjects 495 97
  1. Subjects in the study who were eligible for the indicator; * Percent of eligible subjects who have received the recommended preventive services; §1079 subjects have answered to the question; # 1073 subjects have answered to the question