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Table 1 Process evaluation components in the Sydney Diabetes Prevention Program

From: The Sydney Diabetes Prevention Program: A community-based translational study

Evaluation Component Data source and format Timeframe
Screening, participation and recruitment rates Administrative documentation from Divisions of General Practice Ongoing during recruitment
Program fidelity, program completion, intervention completed Participants' database Ongoing
Assessment of practice staff awareness and engagement with program Telephone administered questionnaires to selected doctors and practice staff Ongoing
Barriers to recruitment, and program delivery In-depth-interviews and focus groups with practice staff Ongoing
Challenges in program delivery and patient maintenance in program. Focus group with lifestyle officers Ongoing
Participants' barriers to attendance at group sessions From participants via the Lifestyle Officers Three months after group sessions completed
Number and type of organisations participating, perceived level of collaboration, barriers and success factors for community-based programs/services for physical activity and weight management In-depth-interviews and focus groups with key stakeholders Towards the end of the Program, when 12 month follow up data available