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Table 2 Cost of the Intervention.

From: Evaluation of a community-based participatory physical activity promotion project: effect on cardiovascular disease risk profiles of school employees

Item Total Price
Costs of Pre intervention Screening  
   University Employee Salaries* $16,468
   School Nurse Salaries $4,145
   Travel $2,716
   Cholestech Analyzer × 2 $4000
   Omron BP Monitor × 2 $1,200
   Stadiometer $400
   Body Composition Analyzer $1500
   Scale $400
   Expendables @ $20/participant $4,040
   Total $34,869
Costs of Intervention  
   Treadmills @ $4900/site $29,400
   Pedometers @ $7/participant $1,414
   Walking booklets @ $12/participant $2,424
   Total $33,238
  1. * Salaries include fringe benefits and University's indirect cost rate charged on personnel salaries.
  2. The cost of the post intervention screening is calculated by excluding the cost of equipment since they are reusable. The cost of post intervention screening was $27,369. The total cost of the intervention was approximately $95,000.