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Table 1 Search terms

From: Rapid Health and Needs assessments after disasters: a systematic review

A. Disaster-related disaster, crisis*, (mass) emergency*, life event*, traumatic event*, environmental exposure, calamity*, mass accident
B. Methods assessment*, method*, protocol*, concept*, system*, procedure*, design, survey, record
C1. Health related -(immediate/pre-existing) health problems, health status, health conditions
-stress, distress, concerns, worries, anxieties, psychotrauma
-somatic symptoms/complaints, physical symptoms/complaints, diseases, illness, casualties and fatalities/injured and wounded, dead, death rates, morbidity
C2. Needs -(immediate) health needs, care needs, medical needs, medical services, medicine needs, aftercare needs, psychosocial needs
-practical needs, logistic needs, communication needs, accommodation needs, food needs, financial needs, information needs
  1. * An asterisk was placed at the end of some words to search for all terms that begin with that word