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Table 4 Examples of marketing claims.

From: Quality of claims, references and the presentation of risk results in medical journal advertising: a comparative study in Australia, Malaysia and the United States

Claims Type Reason Brand Company Country
"Gardasil also helps to protect your patients against other HPV related disease and cervical lesions due to HPV types 6,11,16 and 18" Unambiguous Clear explanation on indication and effectiveness. Gardasil® Merck Sharp & Dohme Australia
"Levofloxacin is US FDA approved for the once-daily treatment of respiratory tract infections, urinary tract infections.... Unambiguous Clear explanation on dosage and indication Cravit® Daewon Pharm Malaysia
"Well tolerated comparable to Celexa" Unambiguous Comparative tolerability given Effexor® Wyeth US
"Zomig nasal spray-proven speed with significant efficacy" Vague Compare to which medicines? Zomig® AstraZeneca US
"Switch to new Stilnox CR for better sleep performance" Vague Better sleep performance compare to what? Stilnox CR® Sanofi-Aventis Australia
"Levitra works rapidly" Vague How rapid? Compare to what? Levitra® Bayer Malaysia
"It's got the power" Emotive Immeasurable outcome Nexium® AstraZeneca Australia
"When you patients need relief" Emotive Immeasurable outcome Sanctural® Allergan US
"It's unique DOT matrix technology optimises drug delivery" Non-clinical Drug delivery information Estradot® Norvatis Australia
"Stable in the presence of a variety of B-lactamase" Non-clinical Biochemical information Spectracef® Cornerstone Therapeutics US