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Table 1 Scenarios presented in the Delphi Questionnaire¶..

From: Estimating the risk of rabies transmission to humans in the U.S.: a delphi analysis

Scenario Animal Contact scenario Prevalence*
1 Skunk Bite 25%
2 Bat Unknown** 15%
3 Dog Bite 0.1%
4 Dog Lick 0.1%
5 Cat Bite 1%
6 Cat Lick 1%
7 Human Unknown*** 100%****
  1. ¶ See Appendix for complete questionnaire containing full descriptions of each scenario.
  2. * Estimated prevalence rate consistent with published rates of animal rabies
  3. ** No obvious bites or skin abrasions, however bat bites are often not visible and patient history was unreliable (infant)
  4. *** No bites, scratches, or direct contact with patient's saliva, however close contact for ten days (nursing)
  5. **** The human exposure was a confirmed rabies case