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Table 4 The most positive and negative aspects of ecigarettes: open-ended comments from e-cigarette users

From: Electronic cigarettes: a survey of users

  Number of comments
Positive points (total from three open-ended fields) 208
Taste and variety of flavours 38
Beneficial effects on health, breathing and cough 26
No unpleasant odours or bad breath 23
Inhalation, including harsh sensation in the throat and pleasure of inhaling 16
Less toxic than tobacco smoke 15
Facilitates smoking cessation 15
Can be used everywhere (the freedom) 15
The gestures or actions (similar to smoking) 13
Ease of use, design 10
Less expensive than cigarettes 9
No environmental tobacco smoke 8
Facilitates smoking reduction 5
No ash, dirt, or burned clothes 5
Can choose the dose of nicotine and number of puffs 5
Relieves craving for tobacco 3
Improves sense of smell and taste 2
Negative points (total from three open-ended fields) 154
Poor quality, lack of reliability and frequent failures 40
Batteries discharge too rapidly 27
Too expensive 14
Bad taste 14
Difficult or impractical to use; dosage is difficult to adjust 10
The liquid may leak during usage 10
Only sold on the internet 9
No studies or information on the composition of the vapour and the health risks of the e-cigarette 8
Cartridges do not last long enough 6
Difficult to stop using the ecigarette without relapsing to smoking 4
Too big or too heavy 3
Too often asked by friends or colleagues to explain the device 2
Miscellaneous 7