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Table 3 Beneficial and undesirable effects of e-cigarettes: open-ended comments from ecigarette users

From: Electronic cigarettes: a survey of users

  Number of comments
Beneficial effects (total from two open-ended fields) 134
Improves breathing and respiration 31
Less cough, less expectoration, fewer sore throats 23
Helps to quit smoking 20
Improves health and physical fitness 17
Improves sense of taste and smell 11
Does not cause unpleasant odours or bad breath 10
Helps to reduce cigarette consumption 7
Sleeps better 4
Less craving for cigarettes 4
Cost 4
Pleasure of smoking the e-cigarette 2
Useful device to administer other medications to the bronchia or lung 1
Undesirable effects (total from two open-ended fields) 61
Dry mouth and throat 16
Vertigo, headache or nausea 7
Bad taste 4
Weight gain 3
Technical problems (batteries) 3
Difficult to accurately control dose of nicotine 3
Cost 3
No undesirable effects 13
Miscellaneous comments 9