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Table 3 Description of the three types of self-rated physical activity measured in the FAB study.

From: Randomised controlled trial of the effects of physical activity feedback on awareness and behaviourin UK adults: the FAB study protocol [ISRCTN92551397]

Category Reference standard Question used (answer categories)
Absolute PAL categories defined by WHO categories [30] On average, which category do you believe best describes your general level of physical activity? (Bed-rested/Low/Medium/High/Very High).
Relative Peer comparison In your opinion, compared to other people of your age and sex, how physically active are you? (Much less/A little less/About the same/A little more/Much more).
Recommended CMO guidelines [40] According to national recommendations people should be active at a moderate intensity (e.g. brisk walking) for at least 30 minutes per day at least 5 days a week. Please indicate whether you think you achieved this level of activity over the last month. (Yes/No).
  1. PAL: Physical activity level; WHO: World Health Organisation; CMO: Chief Medical Officer