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Table 1 The study populations, predominant sex, physical work demands, individual capacities and health profile based on previous studies, and interventions comprising the FINALE programme

From: Worksite interventions for preventing physical deterioration among employees in job-groups with high physical work demands: Background, design and conceptual model of FINALE

Study population Cleaners Health care workers Construction workers Industrial workers
Predominant sex Females Females Males Males
Physical workdemands Repetitive work Heavy lifting Heavy lifting Repetitive work
  Moderate force demands High force demands High force demands Moderate force demands
Individual capacities and health profile Low physical capacities Low physical capacities Low physical capacities Low physical capacities
  Musculoskeletal disorders High prevalence overweight High prevalence overweight Musculoskeletal disorders
Strength Exercise   X X X
Coordination Exercise X    
Aerobic Exercise   X X X
Cognitive Behavioral Training X X   X
Participatory Ergonomics     X
Diet   X