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Table 3 Summary of our three-dimension comprehensive intervention strategy

From: Diet and lifestyle interventions in postpartum women in China: study design and rationale of a multicenter randomized controlled trial

Dimensions Subjects Strategies and Measures
1 Postpartum woman - Participatory training for woman who expects to childbirth with 1 month
- Providing specially prepared release of "Chinese women's postpartum reasonable diet and lifestyle program" (Universal Edition) and supporting VCD, to facilitate self-learning at home
- Setting up a specialized counseling hotline to answer the questions from postpartum woman and their family members
- Individual bedside guidance for postpartum woman, focusing on how to correctly adjust her diet and life style during postpartum period
2 Family members Inviting every postpartum woman's husband and mother to take part in workshops or seminars, making them know some basic knowledge of postpartum care, and persuading them to promote adoption of the diet and lifestyle we advocated by the postpartum woman
3 Community support - General population educating via putting up posters about basic knowledge of postpartum care in the community bulletin boards
- Mobilizing community leaders and heads from and maternal and child health centers for maximum support