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Table 4 Barriers to smoking cessation

From: The French Observational Cohort of Usual Smokers (FOCUS) cohort: French smokers perceptions and attitudes towards smoking cessation

Barriers to smoking cessation Yes
Smoking helps me control stress 62%
Without cigarettes, I would feel too irritable to be around 51%
Without cigarettes, I would feel too anxious or worried about things 42%
I enjoy smoking too much to give it up 41%
It would be too hard to control my weight without smoking 33%
I don't know how to go about quitting smoking 29%
There are too many difficult things going on in my life right now 28%
I can't afford or find a smoking cessation program 28%
Smoking helps me control other behaviours that I have already changed 17%
I have tried to quit smoking in the past so many times, I've given up 14%
Without cigarettes, I would fell too down or sad 14%
My family and friends don't think it is important to quit smoking 12%
  1. Questionnaire adapted from [11]