Infectious disease epidemiology

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This section aims to publish studies on the epidemiology of infectious diseases and the use of public health interventions for their control.

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  1. Debate

    Malaria control by commodities without practical malariology

    Malaria remains a serious clinical and public health problem, the object of an ongoing technological and humanitarian struggle to abate the very substantial harm done. The manner by which humanity approached m...

    J. Kevin Baird

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:590

    Published on: 21 June 2017

  2. Research article

    Epidemiology of intestinal helminthiasis among school children with emphasis on Schistosoma mansoni infection in Wolaita zone, Southern Ethiopia

    Intestinal helminth infections are major parasitic diseases causing public health problems in Ethiopia. Although the epidemiology of these infections are well documented in Ethiopia, new transmission foci for ...

    Bereket Alemayehu, Zewdneh Tomass, Fiseha Wadilo, Dawit Leja, Song Liang and Berhanu Erko

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:587

    Published on: 20 June 2017

  3. Research article

    Lessons from implementing mass drug administration for soil transmitted helminths among pre-school aged children during school based deworming program at the Kenyan coast

    The 2012 London declaration which committed to “sustaining, expanding and extending drug access programmes to ensure the necessary supply of drugs and other interventions to help control soil-transmitted helmi...

    Rosemary M. Musuva, Elizabeth Matey, Janet Masaku, Gladys Odhiambo, Faith Mwende, Isaac Thuita, Jimmy Kihara and Doris Njomo

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:575

    Published on: 14 June 2017

  4. Research article

    How to select a proper early warning threshold to detect infectious disease outbreaks based on the China infectious disease automated alert and response system (CIDARS)

    China Centre for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) developed the China Infectious Disease Automated Alert and Response System (CIDARS) in 2005. The CIDARS was used to strengthen infectious disease surveill...

    Ruiping Wang, Yonggen Jiang, Engelgau Michael and Genming Zhao

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:570

    Published on: 12 June 2017

  5. Research article

    Employment-related difficulties and distressed living condition in patients with hepatitis B virus: A qualitative and quantitative study

    In Japan, an estimated 400,000 people have the hepatitis B virus (HBV), many of whom were infected as a result of group vaccinations. People with HBV face many challenges, including disease progression, employ...

    Taeko Oka, Hiroaki Enoki, Yukari Tokimoto, Teruaki Kawanishi, Meguru Minami, Takahiro Okuizumi and Kiyohiko Katahira

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:568

    Published on: 12 June 2017

  6. Research article

    Prevalence of intestinal parasitic infection and associated risk factors among village health volunteers in rural communities of southern Thailand

    Intestinal parasitic infections remain prevalent and constitute a public health problem in certain rural areas of Thailand. Village health volunteers (VHVs), who are members of a Thai healthcare alliance, func...

    Chuchard Punsawad, Nonthapan Phasuk, Suchirat Bunratsami, Kanjana Thongtup, Niramon Siripakonuaong and Somchok Nongnaul

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:564

    Published on: 9 June 2017

  7. Research article

    Health care workers indicate ill preparedness for Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in Ashanti Region of Ghana

    The recent Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) epidemic that hit some countries in West Africa underscores the need to train front line high-risk health workers on disease prevention skills. Although Ghana did not recor...

    Augustina Angelina Annan, Denis Dekugmen Yar, Michael Owusu, Eno Akua Biney, Paa Kobina Forson, Portia Boakye Okyere, Akosua Adumea Gyimah and Ellis Owusu-Dabo

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:546

    Published on: 6 June 2017

  8. Research article

    Space-time patterns in maternal and mother mortality in a rural South African population with high HIV prevalence (2000–2014): results from a population-based cohort

    International organs such as, the African Union and the South African Government view maternal health as a dominant health prerogative. Even though most countries are making progress, maternal mortality in Sou...

    B. Tlou, B. Sartorius and F. Tanser

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:543

    Published on: 3 June 2017

  9. Research article

    Epidemiology of pertussis in Alberta, Canada 2004–2015

    We describe the epidemiology of pertussis in Alberta, Canada by person, place, and time between 2004 and 2015, identify outbreak years, and examine vaccination coverage and vaccination timeliness.

    Xianfang C. Liu, Christopher A. Bell, Kimberley A. Simmonds, Lawrence W. Svenson, Sumana Fathima, Steven J. Drews, Donald P. Schopflocher and Margaret L. Russell

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:539

    Published on: 2 June 2017

  10. Research article

    Race and nativity are major determinants of tuberculosis in the U.S.: evidence of health disparities in tuberculosis incidence in Michigan, 2004–2012

    The incidence of TB in Michigan was 1.5 per 100,000 people in 2012, roughly half the U.S. incidence. Despite successes in TB control, disparities in TB still exist in Michigan, particularly by race, age, and n...

    Grace A. Noppert, Mark L. Wilson, Philippa Clarke, Wen Ye, Peter Davidson and Zhenhua Yang

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:538

    Published on: 2 June 2017

  11. Research article

    Avian influenza A/H7N9 risk perception, information trust and adoption of protective behaviours among poultry farmers in Jiangsu Province, China

    Poultry farmers are at high-risk from avian influenza A/H7N9 infection due to sustained occupational exposures to live poultry. This study examined factors associated with poultry farmers’ adoption of personal...

    Bin Cui, Qiuyan Liao, Wendy Wing Tak Lam, Zong Ping Liu and Richard Fielding

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:463

    Published on: 18 May 2017

  12. Research article

    Contextualizing willingness to participate: recommendations for engagement, recruitment & enrolment of Kenyan MSM in future HIV prevention trials

    The HIV epidemic among men who have sex with men (MSM) continues to expand globally. The addition of an efficacious, prophylactic vaccine to combination prevention offers immense hope, particularly in low- and...

    Monika Doshi, Lisa Avery, Ronnie P. Kaddu, Mary Gichuhi, Gloria Gakii, Elsabé du Plessis, Sumit Dutta, Shamshad Khan, Joshua Kimani and Robert R. Lorway

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:469

    Published on: 18 May 2017

  13. Research article

    Contextual and psychosocial factors predicting Ebola prevention behaviours using the RANAS approach to behaviour change in Guinea-Bissau

    The outbreak of the Ebola virus disease (EVD) in West Africa in December 2013 was the largest Ebola outbreak in history. This study aimed to measure the underlying contextual and psychosocial factors of intent...

    Anna E. Gamma, Jurgita Slekiene, Gregor von Medeazza, Fredrik Asplund, Placido Cardoso and Hans-Joachim Mosler

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:446

    Published on: 15 May 2017

  14. Research article

    Comparing national infectious disease surveillance systems: China and the Netherlands

    Risk assessment and early warning (RAEW) are essential components of any infectious disease surveillance system. In light of the International Health Regulations (IHR)(2005), this study compares the organisati...

    Willemijn L. Vlieg, Ewout B. Fanoy, Liselotte van Asten, Xiaobo Liu, Jun Yang, Eva Pilot, Paul Bijkerk, Wim van der Hoek, Thomas Krafft, Marianne A. van der Sande and Qi-Yong Liu

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:415

    Published on: 8 May 2017

  15. Research article

    Impact of the Ebola outbreak on routine immunization in western area, Sierra Leone - a field survey from an Ebola epidemic area

    Since March 2014, the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak in West Africa disrupted health care systems - especially in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone – with a consequential stress on the area’s routine immuni...

    Xiaojin Sun, T. T. Samba, Jianyi Yao, Wenwu Yin, Lin Xiao, Fuqiang Liu, Xiaoqiang Liu, Jikun Zhou, Zengqiang Kou, Hongwei Fan, Hao Zhang, Aqnes Williams, Paul M. Lansana and Zundong Yin

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:363

    Published on: 26 April 2017

  16. Research article

    Prevalence of helicobacter pylori infection among children living in a rural setting in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Helicobacter pylori infection affects more than half of the world’s population. It is generally acquired during childhood with no symptoms but has long- term clinical sequelae. This study estimated the prevale...

    Yaw Asante Awuku, David Larbi Simpong, Ishmael Kunateh Alhassan, Derek Anamaale Tuoyire, Taiba Afaa and Patrick Adu

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:360

    Published on: 24 April 2017

  17. Research article

    Early outbreak detection by linking health advice line calls to water distribution areas retrospectively demonstrated in a large waterborne outbreak of cryptosporidiosis in Sweden

    In the winter and spring of 2011 a large outbreak of cryptosporidiosis occurred in Skellefteå municipality, Sweden. This study summarizes the outbreak investigation in terms of outbreak size, duration, clinica...

    Pär Bjelkmar, Anette Hansen, Caroline Schönning, Jakob Bergström, Margareta Löfdahl, Marianne Lebbad, Anders Wallensten, Görel Allestam, Stephan Stenmark and Johan Lindh

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:328

    Published on: 18 April 2017

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